Arise COVID Recovery Campaign

All workers and all families deserve to stay healthy and safe amidst the ongoing pandemic. But we know that low-income families, especially communities of color and immigrants have been disproportionately impacted by COVID. 

Arise members are among the low-wage immigrant workers who have been on the frontlines, facing the most dangerous conditions, risking their lives and their families to go to work. Now, many of the same workers lack accurate information and sufficient access to the life-saving vaccine.  

As a trusted community organization, Arise stands ready to educate hundreds of thousands of workers about the vaccine through trainings, videos, fliers, and more.  

As many in the U.S. begin receiving stimulus checks, The Arise Chicago Board of Directors is asking Arise supporters to consider donating all or part of your stimulus check, or to make a donation to Arise to support our critical efforts in this moment.

Support the Arise COVID Recovery Campaign here.

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