Our members are primarily Latino and Polish immigrants, almost half of whom are women, working in a range of low-wage industries including construction, restaurants, manufacturing, cleaning & maintenance, domestic work, and car washes.

Most members initially contact Arise Chicago because of their own workplace issues.  Workers attend a 2-hour workshop where they learn their rights.  Learn more about Education

Making the Commitment

After the workshop, workers make a decision about becoming a member of Arise.

Membership with Arise Chicago requires workers to make a commitment to develop leadership skills, first for their own campaign, and then for the campaigns of other Arise members.

For their own campaign, workers make a commitment to develop skills in: educating and organizing coworkers; precise record keeping; setting goals; strategic planning; and negotiating.  Learn more about organizing

For the campaign of others, workers make a commitment to develop skills in: public speaking; organizing in the community; networking with organizations; serving on committees and boards; developing their message; meeting with elected officials; meeting with those who fund our work; and speaking to the media.  Learn more about leadership development

There is a small annual due for members.

Fruits of Their Labors

Every year Arise Chicago members, along with their families, celebrate their victories at our annual Member Celebration Dinner.  Members share their workplace stories and how they have developed as leaders over the past year.  Members learn about the other campaigns and the scope of the work of Arise over the past year.  Members and their families eat, dance, and look ahead to the next year.

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