Worker Training


The vast majority of workers initially contact Arise Chicago because of their own workplace issues.  They hear about Arise from other workers, our manual, social service agencies, TV and radio shows, newspapers, and word-of-mouth within their communities.

Workers are first asked to speak with their coworkers, as most often the issues are widespread in a workplace.  Then, either as an individual or a group, workers attend a 2-hour workshop where they learn their rights.

Popular Education-Style

Ana Laura trainerDuring our signature popular education-style workshop, workers hear from workers in other workplaces and learn that their issues are not isolated.

According to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, over $1 Million is stolen from low-wage workers every day in Chicago’s Cook County.  Click here for study

Workers share their stories about not being paid on time, not being paid proper wages, and very often, not being paid at all.  Workers talk about the health and safety risks they must take, or be fired.  Workers talk about the dehumanization and disrespect they feel on the job.

Due to the high volume of workers contacting Arise, (20-30 calls a day), Arise then asks for a commitment from the workers to become members.  Learn more about membership

Arise has provided workshops to nearly 10,000 workers.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are often at the forefront of problems in the workplace so workers receive 30 minutes of OSHA training during the two-hour workshop.  Then, workers can more easily identify the workplace risks, educate their coworkers, and together advocate for safer conditions.

In addition to the 10,000 workers who have come to an Arise workshop, Arise has also given our OSHA-approved training to over 500 workers, and trained over 60 Spanish-speaking construction workers to obtain OSHA certification.


Workshops are held monthly at the Worker Center and are available in the community at partner organizations’ request.  Call 773.769.6000 for information about our next workshop.

Workers Rights Manual

ACWC boasts the most comprehensive workers’ rights publication in the state of Illinois. Our Worker Rights Manual is free, in print and downloadable form, in English, Spanish, and Polish, and written at an 8th grade reading level.  We have distributed over 20,000 hard copies of the manual.

Free download of the Arise Workers’ Rights Manual



Arise Chicago’s worker trainings are supported by: Albert & Anne Mansfield Foundation, Chicago Community Trust, Congregation of St. Joseph, Field Foundation of Illinois, Landau Family Foundation, Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community, Susan Harwood Training Grant Program.

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