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To: El Milagro tortilla factory owners and managers:


El Milagro tortillas have been around for over 50 years. 

The quality of your product has made many of us loyal customers. 

But lately, Chicago has noticed a low supply of tortillas.

Some speculate that Amazon is hoarding El Milagro tortillas to sell them online.

But the real reason has more to do with El Milagro management.

El Milagro pays such low wages and forces workers to work under such harsh working conditions that they can’t find more workers willing to work for them. El Milagro is advertising jobs for $16.00 an hour, just one dollar above minimum wage. Even though this is not a just wage, it is a higher wage than workers who have been at the company for years or even decades. 

In response to the shortage of workers, El Milagro management is: 

  • increasing the speed of the machines to dangerous levels; 
  • not authorizing sick leave; 
  • threatening workers with being fired if they are late or miss one day of work; 
  • at one location, forcing some workers to work seven days a week.

Management’s behavior is unconscionable. 

We urge El Milagro Management to:

  • Meet with your workers! 
  • Raise your wages to attract more workers. 
  • For workers who have seniority, pay them more than the new hires. 
  • Provide safe working conditions
  • Stop sexually harassing women workers.

While we will keep looking for places to buy your products, we will also keep an eye on the way you treat your workers. 

We don’t want to buy tortillas made in sweatshops!

#ElMaltratoTortillas   #ElMilagroElMaltrato

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