Connecting with Congregations

Labor in the Pulpit

Over Labor Day weekend, Arise Chicago places speakers in over 100 services for our annual program of “Labor in the Pulpit/on the Bima/in the Minbar” to lift up the dignity of work and sacred worth of everyone in the workplace.



Real-Life Perspective

Arise Chicago helps congregants reach a comprehensive, real-life perspective about the lives of low-wage immigrant workers by speaking at adult forums, with Peace and Justice Committees, and to clergy clusters, ministerial associations, denominational gatherings, and in worship services.

Contact Arise Chicago and we will be happy to discuss how we can help your congregation further its understanding on workplace issues.


Our Partners

Congregations who partner with Arise Chicago include a vast array of faith traditions, denominations, and theological positions.  Arise has partners at cathedrals, temples, synagogues, mosques, and interfaith nonprofits. The one constant is that God is present in the workplace and God’s creation, the workers, need to be honored and respected for the work they perform.



Congregations support the work of Arise Chicago in a variety of ways, including: meeting and praying with workers; accompanying us on delegations to employers; hosting trainings or events for workers; inviting Arise and workers to speak; making financial contributions to Arise; advocating for workers within their denomination; highlighting worker issues in sermons, prayers, etc. on an ongoing basis; speaking at press conferences; walking a picket line; and other actions.

Contact Arise Chicago to see how your congregation can be involved.

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