Unique Role of Arise Chicago

Arise Chicago plays a unique role in labor organizing and contract campaigns where workers are seeking to leave poverty and advance their opportunities to enter the middle class through unionization or improving their existing collective bargaining agreements.


Faith and Labor Solidarity CenterFr Larry Dowling at press conference

The Arise Chicago Faith and Labor Solidarity Center often engages both management and labor to find just solutions to workers’ struggles to benefit the common good of society.


Putting Faith to Work

Religious leaders and congregants meet with workers, managers, and business owners.  Taking into account the imbalance of power in the workplace, religious leaders often encourage business owners in their communities to foster policies that are free from coercion, harassment, and intimidation, especially when the workers are seeking to unionize and improve their contracts.

Arise Chicago’s religious leaders bring moral persuasion through a variety of ways, including support through public statements and prayers and the support of their religious institutions to workplace struggles.


Scope of Support

The mission of Arise Chicago has received support from hundreds of religious leaders and has been presented to hundreds of thousands of congregants throughout the Chicago area.

Our work has received support from a wide array of faith traditions.

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