Social Services


How can I get food assistance?

  • Chicago Public Schools 
    • CPS schools are open Monday – Friday, 9am-1pm, to provide meals to parents (breakfast and lunch). They will receive 3 days of meals for each young person in the household. 1-773-553-KIDS or email at [email protected] to make a request for food delivery.
  • Food Pantries
    • Common Pantry (local food pantry on the North Side 3744 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60618) - open Wednesdays and Thursdays
    • Food Bank Directory: - members can use this link to look up food pantries, soup kitchen, mobile food distribution, or shelters in Cook County - just input their address and it will locate the closest resources
    • Berwyn & Cicero & Stickney residents: Cicero Berwyn Stickney food pantry located at la Iglesia Luterana Getsemaní, 1937 S 50th Ave in Cicero - open on Tuesdays
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) 
    • Call 1-800-843-6154
    • You qualify if you:
      • Are pregnant or have a child under age 19 who lives with you. A child who is 18 must be a full-time high school student. A pregnant woman (and her husband, if he lives with her) may qualify for help, even if they don't have any other children
      • Live in Illinois. You can be homeless and still qualify.
      • Be a U.S. citizen or meet certain immigration requirements.
  • Help in finding health care and other services in your area


What if I cannot pay my bills? 

  • Utilities and Rent
    • Illinois utilities, including electric, gas, & water, have agreed to suspend shutoffs and new late fees until May 1st. Includes ComEd and People’s Gas, except in the case of safety concerns.
  • Evictions
    • The Cook County Sheriff will not enforce eviction orders beginning on March 14th, 2020, and continuing until April 13th, 2020. If the court has already ordered that a tenant should be evicted, the sheriff will not take action to put the tenant out until April 13th at the earliest.
  • Some homeowners can defer their mortgage payments. 

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