Domestic Workers Rights

Should I wear a face mask while working as a caregiver?

The CDC does recommend people in good health wear masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Face masks should be worn by people who already have symptoms of the coronavirus to help prevent the spread of the virus to others. The use of specialized face masks is recommended for healthcare workers and caregivers who are caring for people who have had symptoms of the coronavirus. Masks are only effective if combined with frequent hand washing with a hydro-alcoholic solution or soap and water. If you need to wear a mask, learn how to wear and remove it properly. Learn more here:


How do I keep myself safe while cleaning someone’s home or office?

Ask your employer to provide you with non sterile disposable gloves. Use good hand washing techniques while working and before leaving work. Avoid taking cleaning supplies from one house to another to prevent the spread of germs, and change your clothes once you get home from work. See list of disinfectants to help kill the virus here:


How can I best care for my elderly client since they are more at risk?

Limit visitors to the home. Limit your own exposure to places where there are many people. This reduces the chances of exposing yourself to the virus and spreading it to your client. Practice good hand washing techniques. Talk with your employer to ensure that enough medication and food is stored in the home, and establish an alternative plan for medical visits if needed to limit exposure to the virus. 


How can I best care for the children I care for? 

Practice and teach good hand washing techniques. Explain that hand washing is a way to protect ourselves and others. Support the children as they try to understand what is happening. Limit exposure to the virus by stopping activities that involve close contact with others, but remember that outdoor activities are still important for children. Spend time outside doing activities that keep a safe distance from others, such as hiking and biking. Comic explaining COVID-19 to kids:


What financial relief is available to domestic workers?

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Some domestic workers are eligible for unemployment insurance. Visit this website to learn more:
  • Coronavirus Care Fund: 
  • The Coronavirus Care Fund will provide emergency assistance for home care workers, nannies and house cleaners, and enable them to stay home and healthy.
  • If you are a domestic worker, text RELIEF to 97779 to get updates from NDWA, and find out when the Coronavirus Care Fund applications are ready. 

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