Arise During the Crisis


Is Arise Chicago open during the COVID-19 crisis? 

Arise Chicago will only be taking phone calls and the office will be closed until further notice. Dial or text 773-769-6000 or text 312-715-8141 to reach an Arise organizer.


What is Arise doing to fight for the workers during this crisis?

  • Passing legislation for all Chicago workers: Arise is a leading member of a coalition to pass an Emergency Paid Leave law for all workers in the City of Chicago to continue to be paid while they are at home due to a public health emergency. Help us pass the law! Visit our action page:
  • Communicating with our members: If you are an Arise member:
    • Be sure to Like and Follow us on Facebook 
    • Join our email list to get bilingual updates and information about other forms of help:
    • Developing Organizing and Educational videos and publications for workers to better defend their rights and protect their health. Visit our website and Facebook page for updates.

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