Max the Minimum Wage

On July 1, 2015, the minimum wage in Chicago increased from the state rate of  $8.25/hr to $10/hr. 

Because wage theft is already rampant in Cook County (over $1 million stolen from low-wage workers every day), Arise is launching an unprecedented outreach campaign to educate workers across the city about the new $10 rate.

“Max the Minimum” will educate our base of hundreds of worker leaders, thousands of workers in our member congregations, and hundreds of thousands of workers through community and media outreach.

Can you help us reach all 410,000 minimum wage workers in Chicago to let them know about the new $10 wage? It’s a big goal, but with your support, we can do it!

Can you give $10 a month to sustain our ongoing outreach campaign?

Or consider a one-time gift of $410 in honor of the 410,000 minimum wage workers in Chicago.


Host a Workshop

If your organization or congregation is interested in hosting a Worker Rights Workshop to discuss the new minim wage and other rights on the job, contact Member Organizer, Manuel Diaz.

Check out more details on the new minimum wage here:

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