Hotel Workers Protest Wage Theft, Resist Eviction Notice

Hotel Workers Protest Wage Theft, Resist Eviction Notice
Former & Current Marshall Hotel Workers Demand Proper Pay, Personnel Policy, and Protection from Retaliation
WHAT:  Current and former workers of the Marshall Hotel SRO, who are also tenants there, lead a delegation and demonstration, calling for “a new era” at the Marshall with fair payment, a personnel policy, and protection from eviction or any other form of retaliation
WHEN:    Wednesday, February 24th, 1:00 PM
WHERE:  Marshall Hotel, 1232 N. Lasalle St., Chicago, IL
WHO:    Marshall Hotel tenants and workers, joined by Arise Chicago and other supporters  *Workers and tenants will be available for interviews
WHY:  The N.E.W. Era Committee of former and current workers of the Marshall Hotel, a near north side SRO, denounce problems in the workplace, which is also their place of residence.  On February 19th, Committee member Nicole Bell received a 5-day eviction notice, which she alleges is in retaliation for her organizing.
The Committee protests payroll irregularities that result in wage theft ,as well as unpaid overtime hours. It additionally calls for “a new era” at the Hotel, which would include the enactment of a personnel policy that outlines terms and conditions of employment, a workplace free of verbal disrespect, access to their personnel files, and freedom from retaliation.
Ms. Bell, a former employee of the Marshall, lost her employment in December 2014, shortly after organizing with fellow tenants.  She and other members of the Committee will lead a delegation of supporters to gain hotel management’s commitment to meet their demands.
Shelly Ruzicka, Arise Chicago

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