Chicago Emergency Paid Leave Ordinance


Chicago Paid Emergency Sick Leave Ordinance

Protect All Chicago Working Families

The City of Chicago must act now to ensure all working people and their families can immediately care for their physical and financial health. 

All working people in Chicago must be able to take a paid CDC-recommended 14-day quarantine if sick, care for a family member with COVID-19. All workers need access to paid time off if their children’s or family members’ school or care facility is closed due to a public health emergency. No worker should have to choose between their paycheck and their life.

The City of Chicago needs to act where the Federal government has failed in order to ensure that all working people in Chicago have physical and financial health for the duration of the public health emergency. 

Failure to act will lead to financial ruin for thousands of individual families, and economic crisis for our region. Acting now will protect the physical and financial health of all our communities. 


Ordinance Frequently Asked Questions

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Government has acted to help Business

Government at all levels--Federal, State, County, and City--have taken steps to offer loans and grants to businesses large and small.  However, guaranteed paid sick leave for the workers of these businesses has not been mandated.

Government has acted to help Laid-off Workers

For the many workers who have lost their jobs, the State of Illinois has expanded unemployment insurance and the City of Chicago has created a relief fund. 

Government must act to help Essential Workers who need to take time off

While the federal government has allocated trillions of dollars, including needed resources to citizens, many working Chicagoans are left out--including those working at still-open businesses with more than 500 workers or fewer than 50 workers.  For the many workers still working at “essential” businesses, they lack the ability to stay home for reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic without sacrificing their wages.  Chicagoans who are still expected to go to work and cannot work from home have to choose between risking their safety or their paycheck amid large-scale economic turmoil. The City of Chicago must act now to retain jobs and keep our economy afloat through this pandemic.   

Contact your alderman to request their support!  Find your alderman HERE


Rozporządzenie w sprawie płatnego urlopu chorobowego w Chicago

Chroń wszystkie rodziny pracujące w Chicago


Miasto Chicago musi działać teraz, aby zapewnić wszystkim pracującym i ich rodzinom natychmiastową opiekę zdrowotna i finansowa.

Wszyscy pracujący w Chicago muszą mieć możliwość poddania się 14-dniowej kwarantannie zalecanej przez CDC w przypadku choroby, czasu aby opiekować się członkiem rodziny zarazonym wirusem COVID-19 lub aby pozostać z dziećmi, których szkoła jest zamknięta z powodu zagrożenia zdrowia publicznego oraz zapewnić swoim rodzinom finansowe bezpieczeństwo, jeśli miejsca pracy są zamykane na podstawie zarządzenia rządu lub decyzji pracodawcy. Wszyscy pracujący w Chicago potrzebują stabilności fizycznej i finansowej na czas zagrożenia zdrowia publicznego.

Brak działania doprowadzi do ruiny finansowej  tysięcy poszczególnych rodzin i kryzysu gospodarczego w naszym regionie. Działanie teraz będzie chronić zdrowie fizyczne i finansowe wszystkich członków naszej społeczności.



Ordinance Frequently Asked Questions:

What does this ordinance provide?

  • Once a public health emergency or disaster is declared, the ordinance requires employers to provide Emergency Paid Sick Leave to employees

How is a public health emergency declared?

  • When a City, State, or Federal official declares a public health emergency or other disaster as defined under Illinois law (Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act: 15 ILCS 30/0.01 or 20 ILCS 3305/11).

Is this a new ordinance or extension of other ordinance(s)?

  • This action amends Section 1. Chapter 1-24 of the Chicago Paid Sick Leave ordinance by adding additional language specifically for instances of public health emergencies and disasters. 

Who is covered? Who is considered an employee?

  • An employee during a declared public health emergency is defined as anyone who in any particular two-week period, performs at least two hours of work for an employer while physically present within the geographic boundaries of the City. This includes independent contractors, whose average rate of pay will be defined as what was “earned during the quarter with the highest earnings in the 12 months prior to the onset of the disaster”

Does this cover all contracted employees?

  • No. This covers all contracted employees EXCEPT those whose work is not central to the employer’s core function. For example, an Uber or Lyft driver is covered because one of the core functions of Uber and Lyft is ridesharing. 

Does this sick time have to be accrued?

  • No. This time will be given immediately following a declaration of a public health emergency or disaster. 

Does this cover undocumented workers?

  • Yes. The ordinance covers all workers who fit the above definition of employee.

How many sick days will be provided?

  • The Mayor and Public Health Commissioner have the discretion as to how many sick days are awarded at the start of the disaster, but an employee has the ability to renew it as many times as they deem necessary with their employer until the conclusion of the disaster proclamation.

When does this Ordinance go into effect?

  • The Emergency Paid Sick Leave ordinance will go into effect immediately upon passage.

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